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Re: [IP] parents of classmates?

Hi , Ty was in first grade when Dx'd and 6. He is now 12 and starting middle 
school. In elementary school I would share a tape about D with his teachers 
(it was a video we were given at dx'd in the hospital) once school started we 
also showed the video to the class and Ty showed the kids his supplies and 
the insulin pens etc... The kids always liked learning and seeing the 
supplies, meters etc... They we allowed to ask him questions and were 
impressed he took shots everyday. They understood the importance and serious 
nature of this disease and were great helpers, reminding Ty to eat his snack 
-"it was life threatening" They also took turns walking to the nurse with him 
until he found his own friends to do this. We gave the kids the basic facts 
and asked them to help Ty and they have been wonderful. Now that he's older 
he is on the pump and we share info with his teachers and the school staff 
but his friends know and he doesn't have to tell every class. He isn't 
embarrassed or anything he'll tell anyone who wants to know. He even agreed 
to meet another new student who has D. She isn't in very good control and 
does nothing for herself - all Mom- she liked the idea of the pump and Ty 
told her she'd have to take care of her D first and get in control so she 
could be independent. Good for him! Oh well he's due home now , first day! No 
phone calls so all must be great! He's testing at lunch himself, no more 
nurse unless he needs her! Big Boy!  nervous Mom lol  Good luck to us all 
this year! Dee
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