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[IP] treating uncooperative lows....

usually when my blood sugar is low, i feel badly, and my body /craves/
food, so it's not difficult for someone to say, "hey, jess, why don't you
eat something...."  however, sometimes i get into a funk about having
diabetes at all, and when combined with the emotional confusion that comes
with lows for me, it has created some odd situations, where i have said to
a friend (kudos to this particular friend for putting up with me!) "yes, i
know my blood sugar is low...   no, i refuse to eat..   i'm not hungry,
and i hate having to deal with this *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*
disease....  and i don't want to eat if i'm not hungry....."  on and on i
went, crying, and a total mess....  my friend did exactly what i
needed..  (thank goodness for the confusion of low bg)  he said, "hold on
a sec, i need to do something, i'll be right back."  and he went and made
me an english muffin with butter and honey, brought it back to me, put it
in my hand, and said, "that really sucks, tell me more....."  and as i
talked, i just started eating...  it must have been quite a
sight...  crying, saying, "i won't eat just because my blood sugar is
low!!!!!" while i ate this english muffin....

does this work for anyone else?  (someone ignoring all of your protests,
handing you food, and then just trying to keep your emotional "symptoms"
contained...)  it was a stroke of brilliance on the part of this
friend....  here's to perceptive friends!


Jessica Marder
(617) 513-2845
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