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Re: [IP] Great A1c

> Hate to put a pin in your balloon but i tend to agree more with the
> gentleman who said people who have A1C's in the 4 and 5's need to
> get a life. many endocrinologists will say that is too low for a
> diabetic. the lower you go the more you are likely to develop
> hypoglycimia unawareness which i have and it is terrible.

Please remember that not all hbA1c measurements are created equal :-)

The lab standards vary by a substantial amount and what may be a 6 
in one lab may be a 7 in another. Repeat measurements from the same 
lab are a good indication of how you are doing, but the ABSOLUTE 
number is not a good reference for results from different labs.

If you were a 10 in any lab and are now a 7 - 8, yeah.... this is 
good. Comparsion of Jane Doe and John Smith with the results comming 
from different labs does not yield useful information.

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