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[IP] insurance frustrations....

so, this is along the vein of many recent rants, regarding the high cost
of diabetes.  as a young woman, recently "on my own" as it were, i have
been repeatedly frustrated by the requirement that i carry comprehensive
health insurance to deal with this [censors explitives] disease...  many
of my friends have gone for months or years, where they just kept some
"emergency" money in the bank and gambled on staying healthy, while i
don't think this is the best way to to live, i hate that i'm constantly
worried that i must have a job which provides health insurance....  the
traditional, hmmm...   i think i'll temp for a while, solution to the
weird state of the job market, simply doesn't work for me...  i feel like
a whole group of options have been cut off for me...   my parents have
been sweet to offer to pay for cobra or other health insurance, if i
wanted to be self-employed for a while, or something similar....  but i
don't feel comfortable letting them take on that cost again....  i hate
that my diabetes forces me to be extra-responsible...  i don't really
aspire to be the "shiftless irresponsible 20-something" but some days i
really don't want to have to be so "in charge"....  *sigh*  okay..  that's
my rant for the day....  sympathies to everyone dealing with the
financial, emotional and physical costs of this disease....  some days
it's just really tiring....


Jessica Marder
(617) 513-2845
email @ redacted
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