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RE: [IP] supporting spouse/husband's problems with lows

Hi Karen:
My brother used to be the way your husband was and many times, we'd find him
unconscious and his driving was horrible when he got like that.

The only thing I can tell you to tell your husband is:

1.	ALWAYS check b.g. BEFORE getting into the car to
2.	If he will be driving for more than two hours, stop
	and check every 2 hours.
3.	MUST check b.g. more often and see where at
	pattern is that he is having these lows (there should
	be one) and try to check at those times or eat an
	extra snack.

As previously written in here many times, many people react differently when
they have lows.

I would also tell him that you refuse to let him drive with the baby in the
car or leave the baby alone with him until he can show you that he can be
more responsible for himself...and if he really loves you and your baby,
that he should want to do whatever it takes to make certain that he is
around a long time to enjoy life with both of you.

I know it isn't easy to deal with this.  I used to argue with my brother all
the time but he was/is very obstinate and has a very hard head!!!

Good luck.
Kathy B.
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