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RE: [IP] Diabetic and struggling

Hey Heather:
I can certainly relate to your problem with diabetic expenses...

When we lived in NY, even though my husband had very good coverage, we had
to first pay and then submit forms and wait to get back 80%....raising two
kids while being a stay at home mom and paying doctors bills, prescriptions,
etc. was no easy feat for my supplies.  In addition, my kids were always
sick and at the doctor's office at least every other week.  It was grueling.

Now only my husband has insurance for himself as the county only covers the
worker and if he wanted family plan, it would equal to one half of his
salary per month...and that is totally ridiculous since they don't pay much
to start off with.

I am on Medicare and they cover only 80% of SOME things...prescriptions are
not included neither are needles, alcohol pads, iv prep pads, batteries and
stuff like that.

Heck, I am still paying off a hospital bill which is almost 3 years old for
the angiogram I had to have back then and I always work on a payment plan
whenever I have operations or procedures or tests that medicare doesn't
fully pay for so I am ALWAYS paying some sort of medical bill.

I did find out that Medicare covers 80% of the insulin if you are on the
pump as long as you get a note from your doctor and a rx.  However, try to
get a company like these mail order plans to take assignment..yeah right!
More like you lay out the money, send the forms to medicare and wait like
2-3 months to get reimbursed.  I thought originally they had said 4-6 weeks
and that would be ok figuring by the time I got reimbursed I would have
money to buy more insulin but it isn't working out that way at all.

Medicare also covers 80% of test strips and lancets but that's it.

And if it wasn't for Minimed accepting my claim for financial assistance, I
would not be on the pump because there is no way that I can afford to pay
them anything.. time will tell with that because you have to fill out a
financial aid form each year and have it approved.

When I look back and see all the money that my husband and I have paid to
doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and dentists I want to throw up!

I too see other people living very nicely and I always tell them that they
don't know how lucky they are that they have good medical insurance and that
they and their children are healthy and they don't have to pay for all this

So I hear where you're coming from and it does get one down...I truly get so
angry with the companies such as Lilly and I wrote to them and told them as
much as to why Humalog has to be so darn expensive when we need it to live
on...their explanation of course is that it is man made and refined and they
always do experiments...

I say the heck with the stock holders wanting to see a nice profit and make
life support medicines free!!!

Kathy B.
You know I checked w/Wal Mart and Sam's Club and their prices for Humalog
were no better than pharmacies.  I finally found a place where I can get it
for $44 a bottle.
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