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RE: [IP] Re: Diabetic and struggling

Just how bad is your carpal tunnel?

I ask this because I had surgery on both hands when I was 23 and 9 years
later, to my  horror it returned!  I was very upset at this and asked the
doctor and he told me that with a diabetic it will return...

So I've been living with it and the neuropathy for years now and I refuse to
have any further surgery done...

I only have two fingers left regarding trigger finger that haven't already
been operated on.  My last four were in mid July and I'm still not back to
100%...I go see PA tomorrow on that.

So think carefully before you have the surgery and see if there are
alternatives to help alleviate the pain...

Also, if you received a hand block for the trigger finger surgery, just know
that it does aggravate the carpal tunnel syndrome...I suffered so badly
after my surgery for almost a month...it has calmed down a lot now thank

Just a suggestion.
Kathy B.
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