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[IP] supporting spouse/husband's problems with lows


Congratulations.  It sounds like you have a real keeper.  My husband and
I are BOTH diabetic, and we still don't understand each others'
fluctuating blood sugars moods!

The biggest trouble we run into is my shortcoming.  I have little
sympathy or patience for my husband's unique problem.  I never have a
problem detecting when I am going low.  He has huge problems with it and
has done stupid things such as driving, and then passing out at the
wheel.  Often times I have to force sugar down him, with him fighting
me, when his sugar is low.  He is in complete denial when he's like
that, and is very combative.  The last couple of times it has happened,
my toddler has watched, and I think he was traumatized.  He heard me
screaming at my husband, and fighting with him to get him to eat.  I get
so mad at him!  I realize he can't help how he acts when he's that low,
but it seems like he should be more cautious about checking himself
frequently, knowing that he can't detect the lows.

It really worries me now that we have a child.  I'm afraid sometimes to
leave him alone with him, or to let him drive with him alone.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can better deal with this?  He is
getting on the pump.  Do you think that will help matters?

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