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Re: [IP] A testimonial


I commend you for sharing your story and having the smarts to realize what 
you need to do.  I am sorry for all your losses.

I would bet money that others will learn and grow from your courage to 
share.  To me that is what support is all about.  Not being afraid of 
sharing our truth and hopefully helping others a long the way as they help us.

I do believe that all things happen for a reason.  Granted while these 
events are occurring I could give a damn what the reason may be.  :-)

And yes to those that remember my story in which I grate part I am still 
dealing with, I am slowly learning what some of the reasons for me to go 
through that nightmare was all about or what I came away from it with.

My thoughts are with you and please continue to take care of yourself.


>To make a long story short, I was told by my doctors that all of this is in my
>control, and they can only do so much, in the way of help. I don't want to get
>into the details, but this was a lesson well learned and I never want this to
>happen again.
>I use the minimed 507 pump and was, at one time, well in control. Getting lazy
>sure didn't help matters, and I know that being on the pump does not make
>things better unless you take control of things yourself.
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