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[IP] Re: Tape problems. HELP!!


Besides being an insulin pumper, I am also an active EMT.  I went to a seminar
this spring and saw a representative from 3M company demonstrating some
Barrier Cream that they sell.  He told us that he realized as pre-hospital
personell, we didn't have much use for Barrier Cream as it is usually used for
incontinent patients to keep their bottoms from getting red - BUT - it is also
used for something else.  It is used to help tape stick better and suggested
it to the Paramedics to use when they start IVs.  It makes it stick better,
but it will peel right off when you're ready to remove it so there's no
pulling of the skin like a lot of tapes!  It has a dual purpose.  Wow!!  This
is great!!  I have always had trouble getting tapes to stick - besides which I
am allergic to a lot of the adhesives on the tapes, so I'd been having a real

I talked to the rep about using it with my insulin pump and he said yes, it
was highly recommended for that!!  He gave me a phone number to call their
Special Order Services Department - and I called them the very next day.  Had
my cream within I think it was like 2 or 3 days.  It runs $8.32 + they have a
standard shipping and handling rate of $5.00.  I have had it since May and you
can't tell I've used it.  You just need a spot about the size of the end of a
pen and it will help your tape stick.  I can now soak in the tub or whatever
and have had absolutely no problems with my tapes becoming loose.

It is called Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream by 3M.  The order # is 3392.  Their
Special Order Services Department phone number is (877)927-8273 (Yes, this is
a toll-free number!)

Like I said - I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone having trouble
with tape sticking!!  It has sure helped me out a lot!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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