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[IP] Re: Diabetic and struggling

I know where you're coming from on the cost!!  My insurance paid 80% for my
pump - so I got lucky there.  Then, the company I worked for switched
insurance.  They had HealthLink, which meant my pump supplies HAD to bought
through Apria Health Care.  I COULD NOT buy directly from MiniMed or insurance
wouldn't pay anything!!  They paid 90% of the cost through Apria - which I
thought was good - I was paying a little over $100 a month for my supplies.  I
didn't think that was too bad, although I had to struggle to come up with

When I started working for a different company, they had Great West insurance,
and I could buy directly from MiniMed.  Great West paid, I think 90% - and my
cost is about $66.00 EVERY THREE MONTHS!!   We're talking a HUGE different,
just by going from one insurance company to another!!

We've now switched to my husband's insurance (I'm a work at home Medical
Transcriptionist - and my computer died and I missed 2 weeks of work the
beginning of July - so they dropped my insurance!!).  So, we'll find out how
GHP covers - if I can buy direct from MiniMed.  I sure hope so!!  I also wish
my insurance card would get here!!  I'm down to one bottle of insulin left -
and until I get a copy of my insurance card - I can't get my insulin at
Wal-Mart - even if I have all the numbers I need - without paying full price -
and as you all know - that's not cheap!!  I'm on Humalog, and I believe it's
one of the more expensive insulins anyway.

Hang in there Heather!!  You'll manage!!  (Besides being off work when my
computer died, I've been working half time and was off completely for 3 weeks
due to trigger thumb and related surgery - and now need carpal tunnel surgery
- so here we go again with no money coming in!!)

Just remember, things have a way of working themselves out!!

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