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[IP] A testimonial

I just had a real rude awakening about diabetes control. I would preach to
others, with diabetes, that in order to control diabetes, you must take
control of it, and not let it control you. The only problem with this is that
I didn't practice what I preached. This past year I was asked by my wife, for
a divorce, my father passed away, and I lost my job. I let all this become a
crutch to why I was having problems with my control. (Not a good move!) I more
or less gave up on control. This past week I ended up hospitalized. While in
the hospital, I found out what happened from lack of control.

My bg readings were up and down, (extremely) I was getting chest pains, (the
reason that I ended up in the hospital in the first place.) and swelling in
the lower extremities. All of these were diabetic related.

To make a long story short, I was told by my doctors that all of this is in my
control, and they can only do so much, in the way of help. I don't want to get
into the details, but this was a lesson well learned and I never want this to
happen again.

I use the minimed 507 pump and was, at one time, well in control. Getting lazy
sure didn't help matters, and I know that being on the pump does not make
things better unless you take control of things yourself.

To let everyone know, I am home with no major problems, but I was woke up
extremely, by what could happen if neglect is done with diabetes control.

Thank you for the time on the soap box.

Bob Brown
I get knocked down, but keep getting up.
"Never Say Quit!"
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