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Re: [IP] Tape problems HELP


  There are several things out there that people use.  For Josh, age 9.5, 
when he started pumping 1.5 years ago we averaged 5-6 sites in 7 days.  Now 
we use Mastisol Liquid Adhesive with EVERY site (we used SS micros also now 
on their Quick Sets) and Josh can spend an hour or more in the hot tub or 
swwimming or soaking in the hose and the edges won't even come up.

www.ferndalelabs.com  1-800-548-0900  these are the makers of Mastisol

www.WFR-Aquaplast.com  1-800-526-5247

or try at your local drug store.  It comes i two different styles, 4 oz 
bottle cost around $26 and then individual vials...well, I don't make that 
much money.....EXPENSIVE.  We have barely made a dent in our bottle.  Like I 
said there are other things out there that others have had good luck with but 
we never did and the M really works!

Good Luck.  Feel free to write to me personally for more help if needed!

mom to Joshua
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