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[IP] Re: Great A1c

Bret Lapierre wrote:

> Hate to put a pin in your balloon but i tend to agree more with the
> gentleman who said people who have A1C's in the 4 and 5's need to get a
> life.

And Natalie responded:
<...YMMV...If I had an A1c as high as 6.0, it would mean I was out of 
control. The
highest I ever had, 7.1, was when I was so symptomatic I could barely

I agree with Natalie.  My 14 year-old-son, type 1 and far beyond the 
honeymoon phase, has great A1c's which don't exactly fit the usual 
expectations for teens.  His numbers are typically in the 100 to 150 range 
with some higher, but very rarely below 80.  He does not have lots of hypos 
which would bring down the A1c--he tests often enough during the day, and I 
test him at random hours during the night to make sure we're not missing 
anything. So far, he has a keen sense of hypoglycemic awareness and has never 
had a low he couldn't treat himself.  Unlike Natalie's situation, I wouldn't 
go so far as to say he would have to be out of control to have an A1c as high 
as 6.0, but I have a hard time imagining him going as high as 7.0.

One thing that I've observed about my son is that he seems to be intuitive 
about matching his insulin needs to whatever food he has eaten.  I think this 
accounts for the low A1c's, because whether he eats pasta, pizza, Chinese 
food, or any of the other trouble-makers, he seems to know just how much 
insulin to take, and how to spread it out over time to avoid the peaks and 
valleys, whether a carb count is provided or not.  

And he definitely has a life--straight A student, lots of friends, piano and 
clarinet player, etc., etc.  Diabetes is a very small part of his life, and I 
wish he would at least take the time to fill in his chart!

Pam Moore
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