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Re: [IP] does anyone know about Diabetes Educator

In a message dated 8/25/2001 2:11:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Jim and Jennee, Before you waste your time with checking out iether website,
> one has to have a medical degree, i.e. either Doctor, Nurse, RD, Pharmacist,
> Physical Therapist. you can't just be a diabetic and apply for a CDE. i
> complained to both organizations because i go every 5 years to a certified
> teaching class as the ADA recommends and often i am more aware of what is
> happening in diabetes than the instructors do. Blatantly unfair. If i am
> able to pass the test required why do i need a medical degree?

I also agree with you. I often used to feel I knew alot more about diabetes 
than my old dr. did. I am afraid to go the ER at our local hospital because 
they know nothing about it. I went last summer for kidneystones and they 
admitted me because the pain was so extreme and it was making me sick. The 
dr. didn't perscribe any insulin for me so I wasn't able to get it. He didn't 
understand the consept. Well I got sicker because my sugars were outragious. 
I had my bottle of insulin in my purse and my bloodsugar tester. I started 
sneaking into the restroom and taking insulin myself! I thought I knew my 
body and I wasn't going to allow them to make me any sicker than I was. I 
agree we know alot having lived with the disease than a person that has spent 
all that time in college.
Heather W.
email @ redacted
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