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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #389

email @ redacted wrote:
> Look, we're all different.  You need to realize that diabetics with A1c's in
> the 4 and 5 range aren't running around hypoglycemic!  
> I've been using the pump (MiniMed 508) for about 2 years and it has done
> nothing to make my blood sugars any better, but it has certainly made my life
> easier, since I don't have to carry a syringe and worry about eating on a 
> Get a life?  I've got a great one and still have great A1c's!  Last one done
> 8/20 was 4.8.


It makes me feel SO much better to know I'm not alone!!!!  I HATE
getting told my A1c is too low (generally runs between 5.0 aand 5.5),
when I know for a fact that I don't have frequent hypos (One a month is
a lot), and I'm NOT obsessive about diabetes management!  :)

I also have to agree that my BGs are not better than before the pump
(how COULD they be??), but that the pump improves my quality of life!
> Maybe I should give you the name of my endo.

Probably not your endo's credit -- you probably are lucky, like me, to
simply not glycate very much. This is totally genetic and has nothing to
do with treatment. On the other hand, some people glycate a lot, and
struggle with trying to get A1c down and get very frustrated, and it's
not really their fault, per se -- it's just the biology they inherited.
Which is why I feel we shouldn't be judged on the same scale -- the only
person you can compare A1c with is yourself!
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