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[IP] Diabetic and struggling

After hearing about the minmed batteries I am thinking of buying them there. 
My insurance doesn't cover the batteries and this is the reason I buy them at 
Walmart. I must be doing something wrong becuase my batteries only last about 
two weeks. I have the Geisinger Health plan which only covers a 3 mo. supply 
of the resovoirs and the the softset infusion sets. Nothing else is covered. 
I had to really struggle with this insurance to get the insulin pump. They 
only covered a percentage of it, which I think was half. I just pay on my 
pump like it was a loan. Thank god MM was able to make arrangements like 
that. I am living on my own and struggling with the expenses of being a 
diabetic. I get my teststrips through a mailorder. It cover 250 strips for a 
$40 copay. This doesn't sound like alot but when you are testing so much with 
the insulin pump they don't last long and this does become expensive. It is 
so hard trying to live comfortable while having diabetes when you are a 
single person. Sometimes I think to myself I would have it made if I just 
wasn't diabetic but I guess it's silly to think that way. I see my friends 
buying extra things like new computers,etc.,and I am always worrying about 
buying diabetes supplies. Sometimes I think I cannot wait for a cure but then 
again it will probably be so unaffordable I won't be able to get it anyway. I 
know I shouldn't have a bad attitude about this. I just wish there was an 
easier way. I guess I just needed to vent and express it to people that might 
understand where I am coming from.
Thanks for listening, Heather W.
email @ redacted
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