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Re: [IP] Rapids

On 26 Aug 2001, at 9:04, catherine popper wrote:

> Being allergic to the teflon cannulas, I just inserted
> my first sample of the 6 mm Rapids (thanks for the tip
> RoseLea!), and I was wondering a few things. Do y'all
> use IV 3000 or any tape, 

I use a full IV3000 over the Rapid and about 1/2" of the tubing as it 
comes off the pad.  This does provide a little "pull" resistance so 
that the needle doesn't become dislodged when you meet an 
unfriendly door knob.  Have you tried Novolog yet?  I've found my 
"teflon reaction" to not appear since I use Novolog instead of 

> to be safe. I have it in my thigh - where do most
> people put theirs? Also, if you can't disconnect what
> do you do in the shower? Does any one have a
> preference between the 6 mm and 8 mm length, or find
> that different size needles work better in different
> areas on the body? 

I use the 6mm in my arms and the 8mm in my hip.  I have an H-
tron without a crack in the case so I just use a shower bag (YCMV).

> believe it's time for some pancakes.

Enjoy your breakfast!   I'm off to have my belated birthday burrito! 

George   :>)
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