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[IP] temp basal rate - Htron and beeps

Darrin said:
"I don;t know about the MM but on the D-Htron it can't be turned off. In my 
experience; I wouldn't turn it off. " 

Actually, I believe you can turn the beeps off of the H-tron plus while 
running a temp basal rate.  I forget how because I no longer have the manual. 
  I traded in for the D-tron because of the waterproof issue.  (I'm in the 
water every day in the summer.)   
BUT, I completely agree with Darrin in advising against turning the beeps 
off.  I did get myself into trouble this way.  I turned the beeps off because 
I was running a temp basal  during my daughter's First Reconciliation, and I 
didn't want to be heard during the ceremony.  Well, the next day, I switched 
my pump to "stop" to make a basal rate change, got a phone call in the middle 
of doing so, and never switched back to "run".  Well, I didn't realize it 
until four hours later when I was sick to my stomach and had "large" ketones 
in my urine.  (My bs did not go that high until the four hour point, so the 
intermittent checks did not alert me to this problem.)  Of course, I was 
basal rate testing that day, so I didn't bolus for any meals either.  Had I 
not silenced the beeps the day before, I would have been alerted to the 
problem every five minutes or so by warning beeps.  Lesson learned - those 
beeps are there for our safety!
Jenny, safely beeping away
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