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[IP] Re: Delayed Reaction to Humalog

I am wondering if other parents find that Humalog works very fast in their 
children? I would say that in Claire the Humalog has peaked and is almost 
used up in about one hour.  Now this isn't a scientific observation, just 
what I think I have observed. Originally I was using the guidelines from 
Pumping Insulin book, but these didn't seem to match with her at all--eg, if 
she was high 90 minutes after a bolus, there would be no further effect from 
that bolus.  I'm also getting to know which foods don't go in fast enough to 
match the fast insulin, and its not always the obvious things.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
 I calculated this from the humalog chart given in the package, so it's not
 completely accurate, but seems to work well for me.
 time total % used
 1/2 hr 4%
 1 hr 24%
 1 1/2 45%
 2 hrs 64%
 2 1/2 77%
 3 hrs 85%
 3 1/2 91%
 4 hrs 95%
 5 hrs close to 100%
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