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Re: [IP] A reason for being greatful for the pump...

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From: Kathy Bruckmeyer <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 10:28 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] A reason for being greatful for the pump...

> Hi,
> I have two children.  Josh is now 24 and developed type III diab.
Kathy, i also have two chidren but i am male so i didn't go through the
problems that women with diabetes except i worried i might be handing down
my disease to two precious angels when they were newborns. Now they are like
your children, out of high school and in college but still at home and on
the verge of moving out. i've already warned my daughter that i'm gonna cry
like a baby when she gets married because i know that someone else will be
in charge of her care and i know i won't figure so prominately in her life,
though i know she will always be my little girl. funny thing, though she is
18 and developing a good life on her own, when i see her i still remember
changing her diapers and throw up (kids are so leaky when small) and my most
favorite memory is putting her in her wind up swing and i'd sit where she
could see me and we'd watch Boston Celtic games together which she being
young had no clue about basketball but enjoyed all the movement on the
television and i'd drink my guiness extra stout, one per half and her mother
would get home at 9:00PM and take over and get her to bed then come and
finish watching the game with me. There are times i really miss the smell of
baby puke and the changing diapers thing and giving them baths and such. My
second was a boy and was delivered C-secsion (actually, caesarian section,
because Julius Caesar was born that way) i got to go up to the baby room
with him while they did a tubal on my wife and sewed her back up. i watched
the C-section and have to say it is no wonder people are so sore after
abdominal surgery. Everyine, including my wife OB said she was going to have
another girl, so we looked at girls names only and when he came out with
outside plumbing i was dumbfounded and couldn't say a thing. her OB had to
tel her it was a boy.
    But when i got up to the pediatric newborn area i got to sit in a
rocking chair with him for about an hour and it just tickled my heart. i
sang the songHere, There and Everywhere by The Beatles from the Revolver CD
because i used to play that while rocking my daughter, Kira (a Persian name
which means sun or sunlight; my son's name is Bram from Bram Stoker who
wrote Dracula). though i'm sure Paul McCartney's voice would have been much
more preferable to mine, i was still busting with love holding there like
    Needless to say, i just figured i'd die earlier than usual on them
because of diabetes, i was dxed in the early 70's, 1974, with only urine
testing and tablets for testing for ketones. The glucometer and pump are the
best thing to happen for diabetics to have come along. Also the A1C test,
because when i was first diabetic you could cheat for 5 1/2 months and clean
up yoiur act for the blood test and appointment and the physician would
never know, thoiugh i tried not to do that, it was still difficult because
your urine test told you basically nothing, just your blood sugar was below
180 or higher without telling any more than that so you could be doing
excellent with showing negative on the urine tests and still be 175 mg/dl.
    kathy, sorry to say, i am the person you got a little upset with after
Dubya's announcement of stem cell research. i said "he went and shit on
everyveteran who died trying to maintain liberty in this country. What a
loser. his mother should have had an abortion." i'm sorry that that
statement bothered you so but i was so angry with him for making such a poor
decision and taking the decision out of the hands of the people as if he
were King George instead of being incharge of a democracy. And i feel/felt
he had no right to tell people what they could do with their fertilized
eggs. very unamerican. plus, in case it wasn't obvious, i detest republicans
because THEY are the big spenders. dubya has already used up all the surplus
that Clinton/Gore had made possible and the cxountry is now running in debt
that Clinton had stopped ands starteds paying off the debt to reduce the
interest payments on, since the interest paymants for the government is the
third largest payment in the budget, and that is only paying the interest
not putting anything towards the principle. You or i would never buy a house
under those conditions. And Ronald Reagun during his 8 years ran up more
debt for the government that ALL the presidents before him and the
republican party is also responsible for the great depression and it took F.
D. Roosevelt to finally fix that. i'm so very sorry if i hurt your feelings,
i didn't have that as my intent but looking back i realize i could get my
point across without getting into my inner feeling of wishing they weren't
there at all.
peace & love.
bret & Trane, kind of blue MM 508
Trane is from John Coltrane , jazz saxophonist from the 50's and 60's and in
thelate 50's he recorded a jazz classic called kind of blue, a phenominal
CD. duane allman of the allman brothers band said that album was his main
inspiration for the way he played and was pretty much the onlt album he
listened to.
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