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Re: [IP] Temporary Basal Rates

>Just wondering if anyone's found a way to get rid of
>that irritating beeping noise at the top of every hour
>when you set a temp. basal on the 508. I have to
>admit, I don't know if the vibrate mode goes off at
>the top of the hour as well, and I'll figure it out
>when I get offline. Sometimes I like to set a
>temporary basal rate higher for bedtime if I've had a
>big late dinner, or lower if I've been running around
>or drinking, and the damn thing beeps every hour and
>wakes me up in a panic thinking I have a no delivery
>or something. Ya know?

I don;t know about the MM but on the D-Htron it can't be turned off. 
In my experience; I wouldn't turn it off.  What if you forget about 
the temp basal rate?  Often after exercise it has only been the temp 
basal beep which has reminded me to turn it off.
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