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[IP] Re: Wearing a pump with a dress is difficult!!

I don't know if you want your pump hidden or don't mind if people see it.
And this treatment also depends on what kind of pump and tubing you have.  I
have a MiniMed 507 and use the SofSet with the Quick Release.

Do you sew by any chance?

I always make sure any outfit I buy - be it a dress or pants or shorts or
whatever - have a pocket, cause this is where I clip my pump.  If not a pocket
- at least a belt.

On a dress, or a one piece pants outfit - I sew a small buttonhole right next
to the side seam just above the pocket or belt where my pump will be clipped.
Put the outfit on - release the Quick Release - feed it through the buttonhole
and hook it back up!

Works great!!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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