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Re: [IP] Delayed reaction to humalog

Richard wrote:
<I am glad I met someone who does react to humalog the std. of peak in 1 hr
and gone in 2 hrs. In general mine can do that but not always.>

Hi Richard,

Contrary to what some have said, I don't think the "standard" for humalog is
peak in 1 hour and gone in 2 hours.

I calculated this from the humalog chart given in the package, so it's not
completely accurate, but seems to work well for me.
time total % used
1/2 hr 4%
1 hr 24%
1 1/2 45%
2 hrs 64%
2 1/2 77%
3 hrs 85%
3 1/2 91%
4 hrs 95%
5 hrs close to 100%

This means that it really is more like 1 1/2 hours til half the humalog is
used up, and only after 3 hours is most (85%) of it gone. I personally feel
the "peak" in terms of low blood sugar reactions at around 2 hours--not that
surprising by the chart, since the peak time when most is absorbed is
between 1/2 hour and 2 hours, and cumulatively by the end of 2 hours nearly
2/3 is gone.

If I have bolused a large amount, I always wait til at least 2 hours (and
usually 3) before I treat a somewhat high blood sugar reading--since even at
2 hours, 1/3 of the insulin is yet to be absorbed.

As always, YMMV--but the averages above are from Lilly (the chart on the
package, extrapolated by me).



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