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Re: [IP] Great A1c

Bret Lapierre wrote:

> Hate to put a pin in your balloon but i tend to agree more with the
> gentleman who said people who have A1C's in the 4 and 5's need to get a
> life. many endocrinologists will say that is too low for a diabetic.

Well, without going into a rant, I'm just going to say YMMV. I'm NOT the
only one in the world who has an A1c lower than my BGs would indicate.
If I had an A1c as high as 6.0, it would mean I was out of control. The
highest I ever had, 7.1, was when I was so symptomatic I could barely

> lower you go the more you are likely to develop hypoglycimia unawareness
> which i have and it is terrible. 

There is at least some evidence that hypoglycemia unawareness is due to
a loss of alpha cells which secrete glucagon, and that it is part of the
auto-immune attack on the islets, although not every type 1 gets it. It
is not CAUSED by running normal BGs.  

>Plus how much do you gain? The average
> blood sugar of those in the tight control group of the DCCT only had an
> average blood glucose of 150,

And all the DCCT could say was that complications were reduced, not
eliminated. Plus they didn't continue the study long enough (i.e. the
participants were too young) to see whether an A1c at this level had any
effect on macrovascular complications (heart attack and stroke).

> yet now many feel it only appropriate to go well below these numbers when 
> those in the tight DCCT control group all have
> severe low blood glucose problems requiring help from another. 

I'm always wary of the word "all". YMMV. Each person is different, and
what's right for me may not be right for you -- even dangerous for you.
But what's right for you may be dangerous for me! (I suspect I would be
dead before ever reaching an A1c of 8 or 9) 

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