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Re: [IP] control too tight?

> Also, on another topic, I played with the basal rate calculator on
> the web site today (using the basal testing info I based current
> rates on) -- it was fun -- I never COULD get a straight line, but I
> got lines that were straighter than what I now get. What amazed me
> was how TINY increments of time and insulin could make big changes!
> So I'm trying it out, cautiously, just to see what happens -- I can
> always change back if it doesn't work out!

The estimator is only indicative and actually may be more well 
behaved than a real person because it behaves in a fairly linear 
manner. The human body, in the absence of it servo-mechanism 
(pancreas), is probably a litte more unstable :-(

It's a reasonable model and when I've used it for Lily, it's worked 
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