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[IP] Re: "Balancing" caregivers

>   "I am so frustrated
> right now.  I am hearing different things from different people, and  I
> don't know who I'm supposed to believe."
> Congratulations on your pregnancy.  Besides being pregnant AND in school, 
> sounds like you're feeling caught in the middle of a muddle of 
> "conflicting" advise.  First, your OB recommended Joslin.  As I read your 
> post, her response to your numbers was to ask a dietician she knows (and ? 
> trusts) to give you some meal plans.  Methinks this dietician (who may be 
> innately autocratic) took it upon her/himself to "dictate" a diet and major 
> life style change (no eating out).  Methinks
   too that you were not able to share with your OB what you and the Joslin 
team had
   come up with for a plan.  Personally, as a nurse educator and a pumper, I 
find the approach by the Joslin dietician more in keeping with my philosophy 
and approach to managing my diabetes.  With many people involved on your team 
right now, you're going to have to be in the directors chair.  This is a time 
when you're going to have to move beyond being solely the "obedient patient". 
 You're going to need to learn to share what you and other team members have 
developed as a plan of action and to decide for yourself, each step of the 
way (don't even try to take on the next 7 MONTHS) whose advise seems the best 
for the moment and the problem.  If there gets to be a time when team members 
are really in conflict, call for a team meeting.

Wishing you well.  You've shared a problem many of us face with you.  Jill
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