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Re: [IP] control too tight?

Michael wrote:
> Our target range is similar but maybe the methodology is a bit
> different. Lily's corrections are always to 100 (days) 120 (nights),
> but she never corrects unless she is over 100 and will wait and/or do
> an unused insulin/food calculation to if she really need to add
> insulin if she is high after a meal. Usually the trend will tell her
> if she need a little more insulin.

One of the things I noticed while I was volunteering at diabetes camp
was how quick the counselors, nurses AND docs were to re-treat lows, and
how slow they were to treat highs. (Drink a lot of water, dearie!) 

Highs were treated by altering the NEXT day's insulin for the same meal. 

Lows were treated by gulping down glucose tabs and not waiting to see if
they'd had any effect before gulping down more -- if the meter shows 52
and you take 4 glucose tabs and then 5 minutes later, you test and it
says 54, you take 4 MORE glucose tabs. Then you wonder why you're 250 in
an hour! 

I kept my mouth shut.

But what *I* do is much like Lily does -- yes, I might see a high 2
hours after a meal, depending on what I ate -- the other day I had 267
two hours after eating. But it was a high-carb meal, and I knew that
there was still 2 hours' worth of insulin left, which I estimated to be
about 3 units -- well, 3 units will drop me 150 points, so I did
nothing, and guess what -- at the 4-hour mark, I was at 103. 

If I had been high at the 4-hour mark (which is how long Humalog lasts
for ME), I would have corrected. 

If it's a high-fat/protein meal, I compensate by using an increased
temporary basal (instead of square wave -- it's a little more
convenient), and I don't correct unless I'm high 2 hours after the temp.
basal ends. But then, I'm never godawful high after protein/fat meal --
usually stay below 200 at all times. I'd just like to be back below 120
when the meal is finished digesting -- if I'm still above 120 at 6
hours, I'll correct. Otherwise my BG just tends to stabilize at that

Also, on another topic, I played with the basal rate calculator on the
web site today (using the basal testing info I based current rates on)
-- it was fun -- I never COULD get a straight line, but I got lines that
were straighter than what I now get. What amazed me was how TINY
increments of time and insulin could make big changes! So I'm trying it
out, cautiously, just to see what happens -- I can always change back if
it doesn't work out!

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