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Re: [IP] animas pump question

In a message dated 8/25/2001 11:24:25 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My question is, do any of you on the animas pump ever have any problems
>  inserting the resevoir/cartridge correctly?  The ads reflect that you
>  can just drop the resevoir/cartridge  in, whereas the salesman has
>  demonstrated to us that you must load it with the pump upside down.  It
>  seems a lot more awkward than just dropping it in.  Have any of you ever
>  incorrectly inserted it and had problems?

SInce we were taught from the beginning to put the cartridge up into the pump 
that way, it never seem awkward or unusual to us -- and, no, we haven't had 
any problems -- it's quick and easy . . . 

I vaguely remember the pump trainer saying that if you did it the other way , 
all that would happen is that it would take a long time for the priming step 
to actually start pushing the insulin through the tubing because the thingy 
that pushes on the "plunger" in the cartridge would be starting in the fully 
retracted position instead of being fully extended -- plus thenyou're always 
keeping the pump oriented the same way (so you can read the screen).   . . . 
I guess dropping it down into the pump would a little bit simpler than 
putting it up in . . . but, honestly, it's already pretty simple . . .

Katie's PumpMama
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