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Re: [IP] hre is a good website

On 25 Aug 2001, at 17:24, Bret Lapierre wrote:

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> From: <email @ redacted>
> > i found a website wih a lot of diabetes info
> > at www.diabetes.com

> I'm sorry, but i must disagree with your insight that diabetes.com is
> a good web site. 

I somewhat agree because there is no active page for  
http://www.diabetes.com  unless you add the .au  after it.  Then 
that will take you to the Australian Diabetes Association website.  
If you wish to go the the American Diabetes Association, go to 
http://www.diabetes.org.  Another site that deals with many of the 
other aspects of Diabetes (including some humorous ones) is at  
http://diabetes.about.com/    The address of www.diabetes.com is 
registered to GlaxoSmithKline, and I'm sure they would love to sell 
you one of their drugs.  Or if you suffer from sexual dysfunction or 
depression, you might try  http://www.depressionoptions.com

George       :>)
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