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RE: [IP] diabetes and dentist

Oh great!!!!!  Another thing to not make us normal.
	Oh, now that's looking at the glass as half empty instead of half full.  I
didn't say that this would happen to every diabetic...but it does have a lot
to do with having the disease.  I know my brother has a plate as well but
still has bottom teeth...

	We can't keep looking at what might happen to us in the future because
anything can happen to anyone.  You have to find some humor in all of the
things that we have to go through or else go crazy!!!

	I believe that the best thing that happened was to have the insulin pump,
especially for the little children, to give them a chance to have as normal
b.g. as possible and therefore not develop complications and for those of us
who are older, well, as long as we try as we might to keep under good
control...that is the key factor to staying healthy, happy and whole...

	Lots of hugs to all of you other diabetics out there..I need a hug today
and yesterday as well...bad site, high b.g....and then, of course, crash
this afternoon..what else is new?

	Kathy B.
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