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Re: [IP] Mumps

Buddy Barber wrote:

>     I would like to do another survey of how many of you have had the mumps
> since you were Dx'ed with diabetes? Since I have not been to the IP website
> in a couple of years and I know the membership has grown I would like to see
> just how many have indeed had the mumps? I think that contracting IDDM
> blocks the mumps virus and makes you immune. Just my opinion.

Well, I didn't actually develop diabetes until I was 44, BUT I also
never had the mumps. My sister, with whom I shared a bedroom, did, but
my (non-diabetic) brother and I didn't. 

So I don't think IDDM itself blocks the mumps, but the genetics of the
immune system ARE very complicated, and it's hard to say whether there's
a relationship or not!
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