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Re: [IP] Finally Approved to Get a Pump!!

In a message dated 8/25/2001 12:10:21 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Anyone here
>  use the animas pump? 

We have it (my 10 year old daughter uses it) and we love it.  Our choices 
weren't limited (thought I sure understand your frustration with your ins. co 
for putting those kinds of limitations on you).  We did a lot of research and 
decided that Animas was the best available pump currently available (based on 
our needs and preferences).  Here are some of the reasons we chose it: 

-- WATERPROOF:  We felt strongly that this was an essential feature and 
actual use has proven this to be true for us.  Being waterproof means you 
don't NEED to disconnect, even though you CAN if you choose to.  Staying 
connected really help us take advantage of some well-tuned basal rates . . . 
Katie wears her pump all the time, even in the shower (where she just clips 
it to the shampoo holder).  In the last three months, she has only chosen to 
disconnect when trying on clothes at the mall and when going off the high 
dive at the local pool . . .  She wore her Animas pump in the ocean everyday 
while we were in Hawaii for three weeks -- no problem!

--  EASY TO USE:  The Animas pump is menu driven, so you don't have to 
memorize anything to operate it -- we haven't even cracked the manual since 
Katie started pumping on the first of June.  My ten year old had it mastered 
very quickly, even use of the "advanced" features .  .  .  What's really 
great is that this ease of use wasn't achieved by limiting the pumps 
capabilities -- this pump has all the bells and whistles we were looking for 
(and even some that we haven't needed yet).  

-- EASY TO OPERATE:  Filling and changing cartridges and batteries, etc. is 
also really easy -- this is something that I hadn't really thought about when 
first researching the various pumps.  Also, the Animas pump uses standard 
batteries that I can buy locally, not some proprietary batteries that I can 
only get from 
the manufacturer.  Even though I do get our batteries from Animas, it's nice 
to know I can run out to Target or Wlamart & pick some up in a pinch . . . 
There are some real differences between the pumps in this area (the 
"mechanics" of changing cartridges, batteries, etc.), and I recommend to 
everyone that they have someone demonstrate these processes for them (filling 
catridges/reservoirs, priming sets, changing 
batteries) on every pump they're considering.  

-- PRECISION & SAFETY:  In fine tuning Katie's basal rates, we found that 
being able to adjust them in increments of .05 units per hour made a 
noticeable difference in keeping her glucose levels extremely stable during 
the night (all the other pumps only work in .1 increments).  The Animas pump 
has the most sensitive occlusion detection system and performs 1,000 safety 
checks per minute (hence the "1000" in it's name).  We also like the fact 
that it has non-volatile memory (that won't get erased from static 
electricity -- a common problem here in dry ol' Colorado). 

--  BASALS:  We like that that Animas pump delivers basal doses of insulin 
every three minutes and we especially being able to have multiple basal 
profiles (up to four) pre-programmed so that we can easily switch from one to 
the other (like on days when her monthly hormone cycle makes her significatly 
more insulin resistent).  We also use the temporary basal feature A LOT on 
days when Katie is exercising -- she loves being able to just lower her 
basals instead of having to eat right before exercising (like she had to do 
on shots in order to keep from going low).

-- BEST LOOKING (In my Daughter's Opinion):  The Animas pump looks like a 
pager (and is about the same size).  My daughter mostly wears hers with the 
clip that let's it hang on her waistband however she likes 
(horizontal/vertical), but it's the interchangeable fashion covers and cover 
stickers that she really loves . . . somehow that makes the pump more 
personal and less like some medical device . . .

We love the Animas pump and have been very pleased with the quality of 
service we've experienced, both before and after the "sale."  Everyone we've 
dealt with at Animas has been helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain nice.  
It's too bad your insurance company is limiting your options but, I'm sure 
you'll be very happy with Animas -- We sure are!

PumpMama to Katie (Age 10, Dx'd 11/00) happily pumping since 6/1/01 with 
Her Animas Pump "Elvis"
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