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RE: [IP] Pregnant and frustrated - need help!

Back in the old days when I was pregnant, there weren't pumps or blood
testing machines.

I was told by my OB to gain no more than 25 lbs and I was put on a very
strict diet...absolutely NO SODIUM...that meant everything had to be cooked
fresh...no cold cuts, no pickles, no nothing...I even had to rinse off my
tuna and I wasn't allowed to eat canned or frozen foods either..I even had
to buy a low sugar, no salt bread..don't have to tell you what that tasted
like either.

In my 7th month, I developed high b.g. and keytones and off to e.r. I
went...but things were ok...and my reg. dr. told me to eat pretzels and
drink lots of water....

I only gained 14 lbs, went into labor 3 1/2 weeks early but had to deliver c
section and lost all 14 lbs + after I delivered.

Just eat healthy and you will go through periods of your pregnancy where it
will be low and then high...

Hang in there, it is definitely all worth it when you see that little bundle
healthy, happy and normal!!!

Kathy B.
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