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[IP] Re: Suggestion

> Hi, the only reason I copy and paste is so people know what the heck I am 
> responding too. 
> If we are to delete the question we are answering I think we need to 
> atleast state what the main topic was so others know what is going on. I 
> understand your point and know there are so many emails to be read.

> Heather W.

There are 2 problems.  Either cut and pasting too
much or too little.  It is just as confusing to have
everything copied as zero, as you were illustrating
with cutting none from the post you were responding
to.  In the above I tried to not include the parts
that were not germane to the meaning - the troubles
you have had with nothing being pasted and thinking
about quitting.  People just need to copy the part
they are responding to, but include something as I'm
afraid I can't remember every message that has been
posted in a thread.

This is a small matter that may help some of us who
receive the digest, or maybe I'm the only one.  I'm
afraid that I rarely read every message that is in
the digest (sorry).  When I read it I look for the
subjects I am interested in and use the search and
go only to those posts.  When a subject uses a
common word (disetronic, question, mm, suggestion,
etc.) my search will pick up every instance of those
words, not just the ones that it is used as a
subject.  Make the subject unique, maybe just
'Suggestion!' instead of 'Suggestion'.  Again, it is
a trivial matter, and I hope no one threatens to
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especially my son.
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