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Re: [IP] Re: Control too tight

James Parsons wrote:
> I have been told that HBA1Cs below 7.0 are desirable, but that the law of
> diminishing returns applies as you continue downward e.g., shooting for
> below 6.0 does not result in significant benefits and in fact may mean your
> control is prehaps too tight (that sounds weird!).

Well, I think that's a VERY individual thing, because A1cs are not as
consistent from person to person as the meds would have you think, and
an A1c that's wonderful for you may be too high for me, just because of
my physiology!

I ALWAYS run A1cs considerably lower than my meter BGs would suggest --
if all I had to go on was A1c, I'd probably be comatose before anyone
realized there was something wrong! As it is, I was VERY symptomatic
with an A1c of 7.1 -- some people have never had one that low!

So, yes, for me, there is a GREAT benefit to having an A1c lower than
7.0, mostly of being able to stay out of the bathroom for more than a
half hour at a time, and being able to finish a sentence without a sip
of water!! Not to speak of increased energy and feeling well!

My A1c are usually between 5.0 and 5.5 -- and myBGs are decidedly not
always in normal range -- I average between 130 - 150 on my meter! And
no, my meter is not off, and no, I'm not having hypos unawares -- I just
simply have a low A1c.
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