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RE: [IP] A reason for being greatful for the pump...

I have two children.  Josh is now 24 and developed type III diab. almost 2
yrs ago and is taking glucophage and also has thyroid problem.

Kim is 22 and has thyroid problems.

I spent a whole month prior to having Kim in the hospital as my b.g. went up
a little.  OB wanted me in hospital, my dr. wanted me home...ob won out...I
hated it and they took Kim by C section a whole month early.  Her lungs has
some water in them but she was fine in 3 days.

My dr. told me when I was in my 4th month with Kim that I was not to have
any more children and should think about having a tubal ligation.

Well, after all the hell I went through with having her and we didn't know
if she was going to be ok or not, I still decided to have the tubal
ligation.  I told my husband that I was not going to put my life or that of
a baby in jeopardy and it was in God's hands.  If He wanted me to have the
baby I would and if not, I still had my son...

God was good and gracious and I love both my kids dearly.  They are my life
even though they are all grown up and out of the house but I would bend over
backwards to do anything for them and they know it...

Sad thing is that I love children but I knew we couldn't afford to have more
than two and I wasn't going to have my health threatened any further

So I got very involved in volunteering to work with kids while my kids were
growing up in school, sports and scouts and now I do volunteer tutoring in
the public schools to help kids with reading, math, writing, etc.  It is
very rewarding...

You just love Heaven to death and enjoy her!  Some people who don't have
problems having their kids don't appreciate them as much as we do.

You already are taking good care of yourself by going on the pump.  No such
thing when I was younger so I'm working on it now to improve my control....

I keep looking down the tunnel to find the light for a cure from this
disease and I would like to know that generations from now, no one else will
get this disease and carry it in their genes...

Kathy B.
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