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Re: [IP] Pregnant and frustrated - need help!

the best advice i can give to you...and i am a mother of 2
is to make yourself happy!!!
you are pregnant and yes you need to be eating well...but if you are not 
getting what you need from your OBGYN then you need to switch doctors!!!
when i was pregnant with my second child i was lazy!!  meaning i didnt get 
the blood work done when asked of me...or i didnt relax what so ever!!!  and 
i paid in the end!!! i had a horrible delivery: c-section, toxemia, and 
swelling like you could not believe!!!
listen to the doctors...but you really need to find doctors who will work 
with you!!!  and one person should take care of your blood sugars...not 
everyone!!!  it makes it too confusing for you!!!
GOOD LUCK- feel free to e-mail me if you want to chat!!
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