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[IP] Re: Control too tight


A few days ago I would have said that your control was good. Not too

This week I had a really bad experience. Scary because I really don't
know why I had it.

My last glyco was 5.2 and my new gp said if he didn't know better, he
would think I wasn't diabetic....

Well, I am for 47 years, pumping for 1 1/4 years.  Had a semi low on
Tuesday (57) and treated it with 5 gluco tabs.  Luckily, I was with
another (type 2) diabetic, who noticed I was sweating an hour later.  I
ended up with a bg that wouldn't register on the paramedic's machine.
It happened so quickly I couldn't believe it.  10 minutes from a low bg
to out-of-it.  It ended up ok, I was in the ER for a couple of hours,
but went home with a bg of 158.

I think that I am running too low.  I do have highs, but I must admit
that I like my numbers down.  I checked my pump out and there doesn't
appear to be any reason I should have had this problem, but I did.

I have had lows, but this one really scared me.  I really think my
numbers are too low.  What triggered this is beyond me. I have highs and
lows, but my glyco is always under 6.5...the past several times it has
been 5.5 or under.  I'm not sure that lower is better.

I don't like highers, either, but after my experience, I would vote for
keeping things slightly on the "high" side.

Sue Stone
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