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Re: [IP] control too tight?

> I came home from the endocrinologist's office feeling down... 
> Apparently an A1c of 6.1 is considered too tight of control for my
> seven-year-old daughter.  Even though she only experiences lows
> about once or twice a week they want me to change her target range
> from 70 - 140 to 80 - 180.  Lately my daughter tells me she feels
> low when she is in the upper normal range or higher and the CDE
> nurse feels it has to do with her sugars being too controlled - I
> guess the body gets used to being in the normal range and feels
> uncomfortable when it runs higher.  I tried switching to the new
> range and correcting to 180.  It caused everything to go haywire. 
> She ran in the 250's last night and into the 300's today.  I should
> have left well enough alone.  What are your thoughts on this?

Our target range is similar but maybe the methodology is a bit 
different. Lily's corrections are always to 100 (days) 120 (nights), 
but she never corrects unless she is over 100 and will wait and/or do 
an unused insulin/food calculation to if she really need to add 
insulin if she is high after a meal. Usually the trend will tell her 
if she need a little more insulin. Her endo had the same concern, but 
I think the control is a little more difficult for an 
adolescent...... gee I keep forgeting that that's over too..  off to 
college next month!
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