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[IP] Great A1c

Hi All,
I have only been pumping since February and in July had my quarterly blood
work done and was thrilled to see that my A1c was down to 5.8!  This also
was achieved without so many highs & lows so it makes it that much better.
Some days I almost feel "normal".   This pump is such a awesome tool!

Interestingly  enough, I was recently at a meeting where there were people
on pumps and people considering going on.  A pump rep was also there.  A
"gentleman" who has been on his pump for 5 years was talking quite a bit and
saying what his target goal was when someone asked him what his A1c was.  He
wouldn't say and said that he didn't always reach his target.  The rep then
interrupted and said that some people were able to reach #'s for their A1c's
in the 4's & 5's.  The "gentleman" then said "those people need to get a
life".  I was so mad when I heard him say that.  I do have a life and don't
focus my whole life on my disease, but certainly want to do as well as I
can.  What a insult!

Oh well, just wanted to share my happy news and I did update my IP records!

Thanks,   Brenda
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