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[IP] control too tight?

I came home from the endocrinologist's office feeling down...  Apparently an
A1c of 6.1 is considered too tight of control for my seven-year-old
daughter.  Even though she only experiences lows about once or twice a week
they want me to change her target range from 70 - 140 to 80 - 180.  Lately
my daughter tells me she feels low when she is in the upper normal range or
higher and the CDE nurse feels it has to do with her sugars being too
controlled - I guess the body gets used to being in the normal range and
feels uncomfortable when it runs higher.  I tried switching to the new range
and correcting to 180.  It caused everything to go haywire.  She ran in the
250's last night and into the 300's today.  I should have left well enough
alone.  What are your thoughts on this?
Barb Dame
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