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[IP] Heather - pregnancy


I remember going through the same thing with my blood sugars when I was
pregnant.  I wound up figuring out how much insulin to take before each
thing I put in my mouth.  It made me gain a lot of weight, because I ate
like a pig, but my son was born perfectly healthy.

My best suggestion is to meet with the dietician and try to work out a
plan where you can eat the things that you like -- and are easy.  The
trick, I think, is knowing how much to bolus.  And it's very tricky when
your hormones are going beserk!

I feel for you, and I know what you are going through.  Just remember
that no matter what the dr and the dietician says to annoy you, it's
your body and your pregnancy.  Take control of it, and work on getting a
handle on those sugars.  Your doctor was right when he was concerned
about fluctuating sugars not being too good for the baby.

Hang in there.  And feel free to vent when you need to.

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