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Re: [IP] how often do i change my batteries?

I have a different opinion on the life of batteries from the store.

I usually use batteries from Minimed (since my health insurance pays for 
them), but have had to buy batteries from the store when my batteries go low 
and I have none with me.

Based upon my experience, the Minimed batteries last at least twice as long 
as the store bought batteries. I do not use the remote or the audio bolus on 
my 508, and I rarely use the backlight function. My batteries usually last 
about 4-6 weeks.

I have had bad experiences with batteries bought from Wal Mart. They tend to 
last about 1 week. Has anyone else use Wal Mart bought batteries and had 
trouble with them?

The opinions expressed in this email are mine, and may or may not be used in 
a court of law.


Andy J.

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