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[IP] Pregnant and frustrated - need help!

Hi everyone...

I am 9 weeks pregnant, and very frustrated.  My OB highly recommended the
Joslin clinic to help me with my pregnancy.  I saw the nurse educator, the
dietician, and a doctor at my first visit and was very pleased with them.  I
have been having a little trouble keeping my bgs from fluctuating from one
exteme to the other, due to the fact that I am not a good cook and we eat
out a lot.  When I do cook, it's usually with processed foods...  meals in a
bag, stuff from a box, etc.  The people at Joslin have me faxing my bgs in
2x a week and call me with changes after reviewing my numbers.  The
dietician there said it was ok to eat some processed, boxed foods, and to
dine out.  She did tell me to try to make healthy choices as much as I could
though.  She has me following a plan of three meals/two snacks a day.  The
entire experience at Joslin really helped us feel like a diabetic pregnancy
isn't such a big deal.  HOWEVER.... my OB was a little concerned with my
readings at my last appt, and told me she would have the dietician at her
hospital send me some sample meal plans and recipes to help me start eating
a little healthier.  Well, the dietician left a message stating that the dr
wants me on a stict two week menu, no more eating out, adhering to strict
CHO numbers at each meal, writing down everything I eat, and that she needed
me to come in.  She even told me that my numbers were unacceptable, and she
never saw my charts!  The dr. didn't even make a copy of my readings.  If
the dr wanted a change made, why didn't she call the dietician at Joslin?
She's the one who sent me there in the first place!  I am so frustrated
right now.  I am hearing different things from different people, and  I
don't know who I'm supposed to believe.  (It's not like I'm overweight and
eating McDonald's everyday.  I'm only 126 lbs and I do try to eat as healthy
as I can.)

I would appreciate any advice, suggestions, helpful tips, etc... on dealing
with the drs, eating right, and knowing what is actually best for the baby.
I am a teacher, just starting back to school from summer vacation, and will
be teaching a different grade this year.  So...  I have a great deal of
stress, anxiety, and worry going on right now on top of all this other
stuff.  I have spent the past 2 weeks getting my room ready for school (long
hours too) and I'm already feeling exhausted.  And the kids don't start till
Tuesday!  My family keeps telling me to stop giving 110% for this year and
do a little less than usual, but I don't know how to do that!  I am afraid
I'm not going to be able to handle it all, and will harm our baby because of
my inability to put myself first.  Boy, is it going to be a long 7 months!

Sometimes I really resent being diabetic!  Thanks for listening and for all
responses.  (feel free to email me directly too)

A very tired Heather
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