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[IP] Static Stuff-

Several things:
1) can you measue the%RH, Can you control %RH? ( usually greater than 5%
ESD problems are  reduced or eliminated). Can you live with a high %RH?

2) take all your clothes, bed stuff on the water bed and anything you might be
in contact with and put them in the dryer with no anti-static sheet  , let
them be on for some time or check it every once a while- see what sticks to
what, use light loads. Once you determine what if any sticks to What then use
only those things that don't generate ESD. We use only one anti static sheet
per load, It works. How many ssheets disapate the ESD

3) when you take to MM ask them if they are able to similate the ESD damage,
like with a ESD gun, what kind what waveform does it simulate. Why don't you
put a permant fix like a conductive layer around the case like my cell phones

Take Care

Richard Haynes
email @ redacted
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