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[IP] Re: ultraflex

In a message dated 8/18/01 10:42:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Subject: [IP] Ultraflex
> The sales rep at Disetronic sent me 8mm based on my body size description 
> (average weight).  Based on the responses to my posting, it seems that this 
> size may be too small and I should give the 10mm a try.  After having 
> babies, 
> I carry a bit of extra fat around my abdomen and the 8mm might not be long 
> enough to get through it all!  I think I did okay on the insertion, but I'm 
> going to give it another try  using RoseLea's tips. (thanks)   Like I said, 
> I'm not too bothered by the Tenders, but the Ultraflex is a bit easier.   I 
> just didn't get good results on my first tries.   
> Ready to give it another go, 
> Jennifer
> - ----------------------------------------------------------
I'm way behind reading digests but wanted to say something about my ultraflex 
experience.  I am an overweight person but have been using the 8mm size 
ultraflex and having wonderful blood sugars, better than with the tenders.   
I asked about this when i reordered since 8mm is supposed to be for children 
and very skinny people.
The salesperson said if it is working why use a bigger needle?
I guess it's a YMMV thing.  I am using the medium size length of tubing, it's 
good for my height.   My only concern has been that it is easier to pull out 
that the tender but getting used to that has seemed to eliminate the problem.

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