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[IPn] Since you asked

Someone wrote:
> I have contributed my $10.00 for the year, furthermore the last
> email stated that $2700.00 had been reached and i believe this
> number was the target trying to be obtained to begin with for the
> quarter, so why state that you are half way there with total amount
> already attained???   I question what is going on with the monies
> being sent to Insulin Pumpers, something seems a little strange to
> myself, and oh by the way, others are also emailing one another and
> the same questions are being asked.  Just questioning where the
> money is actually going and if proper accounting of funds for this
> website  is really being taken care of honestly.

Since you asked, the fiscal year is over and the books will shortly 
be closed. As with ANY 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the 
information is public and may be obtained from the IRS.

Insulin Pumpers Fiscal year
ending 6-31-01

The numbers are preliminary, but very close. There is still the month 
of June to reconcile with the bank statement so there may be 
adjustments of a few dollars + or -

   Donations 34,799.02
   Commissions 545.94 (Amazon.com)
   Interest 578.34
Total Revenues 35923.30

  General & Office Expense 14180.25
   Rent/Lease    12006.00
   Salaries    4800.00
   Utilities    3712.82
   Merchant Card Services  603.92
   Travel    431.80
   Payroll Taxes    410.40
Total Expenses 36145.19

Net for the year <221.89>

For my own part, I now devote almost all my time to running Insulin 
Pumpers. Even with that commitment, I estimate that there is a 
backlog of work that will take over a year to complete. A couple of 
years ago, the Board of Directors was kind enough to grant me a 
salary of $49,000 per year however there has never been enough funds 
to pay it. This fiscal year has been the first time I have ever 
received any compensation whatsoever and it is $100.00 per week + 
medical benefits. As you can see from the numbers, Insulin Pumpers is 
severely underfunded however I believe that it is something that is 
necessary and must go on so I mange by borrowing and doing side jobs 
in the internet industry. Currently Insulin Pumpers fund raising goals 
are to raise $2000 a month from the forum membership and $15,000 a 
year from the pump companies. Since there are some IRS restrictions 
on funds raised in excess of $5000 per donor that pretty well maxes 
out what can be achieved without money just dropping out of the sky. 
Attempts to raise funds from the "wealthy" Silicon Valley firms has 
been dismal. Out of 600 firms contacted Insulin Pumpers has received 
the courtesy of 23 sorry letters (period). I might add that that 
number includes all the meter manufacturers and both Eli-Lilly and 
Novo-nordisk, all of whom profit mightily from the members of this 
forum. If you would like to send critical letters, send it to these 
organizations and ask why the do not support your forum. I would 
suggest to any that do not think the money is well spent that you are 
cordially invited to come and take my place and support your family 
on $100 bucks a week. Since the beginning of the calendar year and 
the economic downturn, contributions from all sources have been less 
"stunning" and we are currently eating into reserves. It is 
absolutely essential that Insulin Pumpers meet its pledge drive goals 
of $2000 per month in order for this organization to continue and to 
remain healthy for the long term. We still have a little less than 
$3000 to go for the quarter so I appeal to you to shake loose some 
$10 and $20 contributions (or more if you can afford it) so that we 
can bring this pledge drive to a close. As with public radio, I will 
remind, cajole, harass, plead, beg and push you until our goals are 
met for this quarter. Over the last 12 months, 393 of our forum 
members have made 722 contribution to support Insulin Pumpers. With 
over 3400 members of the forum I think we can do a little better than 

To make a donation, visit the donor page of the web site at:


or you can even call me on the phone (see below).
Sorry, we don't have and 800 number, can't afford it.


Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
4600 El Camino Real - Suite 206
Los Altos, CA 94022
Tel: 650 947-3350
Fax: 650 947-3356
email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org