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[IP] Tape problem HELP

My son had a similar problem. Because the tape would not stick, the 
infusion set fell out twice in one day. As a temporary fix he used Medical 
Adhesive by Hollister (stock # 7730). When the tape would start to fall 
off, he would spray the edges with this adhesive. The trouble with this is 
that it stuck too well. Next, we tried adding and eliminating steps in the 
process to see if we could figure out what worked for him. We wrote down 
things we tried, because it is easy to forget. Two things seemed to help. 
Our doctor recommends washing with Hibiclens 1st. We eliminated that step. 
Also, he now makes sure to stretch when putting the tape on. His steps are 
as follows: 1. use the I.V. prep. 2. Inject the infusion set. 3. Remove the 
needle (probably not a recommended way but he cannot get use to stretching 
with the needle still in.) 4. Put on the 2 tapes that come in the Soft-set 
Micro Q infusion set. (He crisscrosses them.) He does not use the IV3000. I 
also reminded him to make sure that he did not touch the sticky part of the 
tape. If you call mini med they may send you a package of sample tapes and 
give other suggestions. I hope this helps.
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