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RE: [IP] A reason for being greatful for the pump...

Hi David:
I feel for you in not having spousal support...I have this a lot of the
times as well.

My husband is a very poor/picky eater and no matter how much I tried to cook
healthy for the whole family, he balks at most type of foods...he would
rather eat heros, pizza and pot pies and stuff like that.

I now cook and if he doesn't like what I cook, then he can make a
sandwich...and also, I keep a stock of Healthy Choice dinners in the
freezer.  Lots of times I'll add a salad to them...I have found that they
have the lowest sodium, fat, etc. and most of them are quite tasty.

I can't understand how anyone can eat dinner so late and then go to sleep
and have it lay on their stomach..my oldest brother does that and I've
always yelled at him telling him that is why he was getting fat...and now he
is type II diabetic and has had to change a lot of things...

As for playing both sides of the fence, that is why an insulin pump is good
so that you don't have to eat at a certain time...and yes, they tell you in
the beginning to try to stay on a "normal schedule" until you get set up and
then gradually make changes to see how they affect you.

I'm all for making changes in our lives but health wise I don't think it is
good for you to eat so late unless you have a graveyard shift at work and
you will be up and about after you eat.

You did not say whether or not you were diabetic before you got
married...lots of times an illness will cause someone to "flee" because they
can't deal with it.  This happened to my brother when he had to go on kidney
dialysis.  As for me, I've been diabetic since 13 and my husband KNEW I was
diabetic and I tried to explain all the complications, etc. to him before we
got married but he just either didn't pay much attention or didn't care.

I was young (22) when I got married and I had never really taken very good
care of myself until I got pregnant with my son..then reality really set in
and I've been trying to keep myself under the best control that I could.
I've only been pumping less than a year now but I love it.

You said you eat a substantial snack before you leave for work..what are
your hours for work?

I'm all for keeping a marriage safe, sound and secure so I think you need to
have a little chat with your wife about how important it is for you to keep
good control in order to prevent complications.  Perhaps she can go with you
to a diabetes support group where there are other spouses there as
well....it works both ways, we need support and so do they.

Lots of times, they are afraid of facing the truth of what can happen to us
and it is fear...my husband has a great fear but yet, he doesn't know how to
face it and I've suffered many complications from the disease and try to
take them in stride...

now, I've learned that my health comes first and foremost before anything or
anyone else and I don't really care who it upsets...I am fast approaching 50
and never thought I'd live to see that day and I plan on living a heck of a
lot longer (God willing) and live to see a cure someday.

Good luck.
Kathy B.
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